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...About Em Bracken...

I would like to start by saying THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for visiting and supporting Tales of Romance!

This website means more to me than I can possibly begin to explain.  

It is the culmination of countless days and nights spent sitting in front of my computer writing my little romantic tales and fantasies.  I cry often, laugh often, and dance my ass off way more than I should probably admit.

I have been secretly writing little romantic fantasy stories for many, many years.  It wasn't until recently I decided to write for someone other than myself.  At first, I intended on keeping this website a "secret" from my husband and family.  However, I casually mentioned to my husband my desire to write something a little risque, maybe try and self-publish it.

At the time of my comment, he was in Georgia for his job.  Phone calls and text messaging was our only means of communication.  To my utter surprise (which is truly the understatement of the year), my husband jumped on board and offered some stories and ideas of his own in the form of text messages.  He amazed me with his writing abilities!  I joked I was going to put his stories on my website.  I don't think he believed I would, but I did!  Introducing...Joe Mance!

Yup!  We are a husband and wife team of "trashy" romance short story writers!

I can honestly say (and I know he would agree), this project has brought us closer together than I ever thought possible.  One year ago, I would've given him to anyone who asked politely (something I know he would say about me, too).  But, here we are!  "Brainstorming" our brains out ((wink, wink)) and loving each other more than either of us thought possible.

Anyhow, I really hope you enjoy this website as we continue to bring you simple little tales about romance, romps, and secret interludes! 

Happy reading!

Em Bracken