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Hi!  My name is Joe Mance.  

I am happy to be a part of Em Bracken's Tales of Romance.  While most of the stories on this site are centered around the female character, I'm thrilled to be able to bring you stories from a male perspective.  

Contrary to what many people want to think, men are not just focused on the sex part alone.  Many of us enjoy the romantic side of "things" too.  I mean, who doesn't like foreplay?  Am I right?

So, I'm here to bring a little more testosterone into the mix and whisper you stories from a man's point of view.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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Paradise Island

Let me take you to my island in the north for a weekend of pure pleasure.

A Midnight Surprise

          Instead of being able to rollover and kiss me goodnight, my wife had to send me a text message to do the job for her.  My work has kept me away for a couple of months now and we were both getting "the itch."

          She doesn't know I had caught a weekend flight and I'm about to pull into the driveway.  Although we've had communication issues in the past-I am a man after all-we have always been very compatible in the bedroom department.  We have both been able to completely explore the other with no inhibitions or walls between us.  This night will be a homecoming in many senses of the word.

          I kill the lights on the rental car and silently pull into the driveway.  The lights are all off in the house.  I unlock the door and turn the knob.  A quick scan with my government-honed, investigative eyes confirms my assumptions.  Exactly as I remember.  Well kept and homey.  The faint smell of my love's cooking and wood smoke reminded me why I have scratched and clawed to be stationed here.  My faithful dog welcomes me.  His silent approval earns him a treat.

          My plans don't include my arrival announced for all to hear.  I drop my carry on bag and head for the stairs.  The stairs that are the final obstacle between me and my beautiful bride of 10 years.  My cock shifts in anticipation.  No woman has ever satisfied me the way she does.  I summit the stairs and lightly pad my way into our bedroom, being careful not to wake her or our kids sleeping just down the hallway. 

          I watch her sleeping for just a moment, yearning to...

This short story gets graphic in nature.  If you would like to continue reading A Midnight Surprise, simply purchase the e-book for the extremely low price of $0.49!  

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