The Many Benefits of Indie Publishing

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All of the stories on Tales of Romance are sold through a company called e-Junkie.  I chose this route to publish these "first draft" stories through this company.  Their prices are very affordable and it is super easy to upload PDF's to their server.  I highly suggest using their services if you are at all interested in selling your own fiction, non-fiction, how-to manuals, and more!

E-junkie Shopping Cart and Digital Delivery

The Many Benefits of Indie Publishing

Where do I start with this one?

There are so many benefits to independently publishing your fiction and non-fiction work.

About five years ago, I had an idea.  I decided I was going to write my first book.  No, it wasn't my memoirs (who the hell would read that crap?).  It wasn't a "how to" book or an attempt at the next Great American Novel.  It was a children's book...a Christmas one at that.  I decided I was going to write AND illustrate it.  Yikes!

Like every parent who has stacks and stacks of kid books littering their floors, I couldn't help but to think I could write a book that would be just as good as some of the books scattered about my living room.  Not that I thought my stuff would be on the same level as Rowling, Rey, or Milne, but I did believe my imagination was just as colorful as some of the others out there.  

My obstacle?  Attention Deficit Disorder.  For any of you out there who has this or know someone who has this, you are fully aware of the challenges one faces when they have A.D.D..  It took literally months and months of me sitting at the dining room table with paper, colored pencils, scissors, tape, blood, sweat, tears, and sheer determination until I finished my thirty-two page magnum opus.

I was overjoyed with how my book turned out!  I published it on CreateSpace (Amazon's self-publishing company), printed several copies to give away as gifts to family members and printed several more copies to sell at a holiday craft show.

After several nice reviews from teachers and other people who would only say nice things to me, I decided to try and get this thing published with a traditional publisher.  I carefully crafted my query letter to agents and sent out seven letters to seven agents to begin with.  I started at the top...literary agents in New York City!

Not to my surprise, I received my first "stock" letter back from one of the seven agents.  Sorry, but they just weren't interested in my story at the time and to keep on trying.  Then the second and third letters came in, basically stating the same thing as the first.

During this time, I had spent many hours online researching agents and publishers.  I also happened to stumble on several author blogs who wrote very open and honest opinions about their experiences with the traditional publishing industry.  It kind of scared me.

If there's something I admire most in people, it is their candidness.

Without going into too much detail about the things they dealt with, I made the decision to not wait around for the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh rejection letters.  I decided my journey, in regards to writing, was much too meaningful for me to allow some agent or publisher to squish my dreams of putting my words in print.  

I wanted to remain in creative control of everything I wrote.

Due to issues on the home front and a move half way across the country, I shelved my desire to independently publish anything else.  Until last summer, I ran across a blog written by Nina Amir (  I'm not sure if it was fate, but that particular post was about writing a romance novel as a blog.  I couldn't believe my eyes!  I had set out to be a writer for children (which I'll pick up again one day), but found myself rethinking my secret passion for writing romantic fantasies.  

Ms. Amir's blog was so straight forward and made way too much sense not to do it!

So, I secretly began building the website you see.  I secretly began my path to being my own publisher, my own agent, my own editor, and my own cheerleader.

As I've said before, the stories you read in this website are not perfect.  They have not been professionally edited or even proofread by friends or family (I'm a little embarrassed to have them read some of the "smut" I like to write).

There are grammar issues, spelling discrepancies, punctuation errors, mixed tenses, and a smattering of other faux pas.  

HOWEVER...I'm also sitting here, happy as a clam, because I am doing what I love...writing!  Nobody is my boss.  Nobody is telling me to change this or that.  Nobody is telling me my idea is weird or doesn't make sense.  Nobody is making me feel inferior or that I can't write.  

When you independently publish, YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

If you are still reading this, I sincerely hope you follow your heart and do what is right for you!  If writing is what you want to do, DO IT!  There is nobody out there who can stop you when you independently publish your own works--whether it is via CreateSpace by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing by Amazon, a website (like this one), or a blog.

If you decide to independently publish your writings, I would love to hear all about it!

If you need a cheerleader or some inspiration, hit me up for that too!  

We writers need to stick together! 

Good luck and God speed, my friend!!!